Aluminum is one of the most common metals found in the state of Massachusetts. Between pots and pans or cans of soda, it’s virtually impossible not to make contact with aluminum every day. Because it is so common, aluminum is one of the most recycled metals in the US. However, the EPA has stated that only about 50% of cans sold are being recycled.

Until 1886, the process of making aluminum was difficult and expensive. When a cheaper way to create aluminum was discovered, using aluminum became much more popular. This made it beneficial when it came to production, but the process releases a fair amount of carbon dioxide into the air.

Decreasing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The good news is that recycling aluminum only releases a portion of carbon dioxide. This is a much lower number compared to the amount when creating it from scratch. Not only will recycling aluminum make you some money, but it will save energy and decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

Help to Save Energy

Most processes of creating aluminum require the use of a lot of energy. The Aluminum Association states that if you recycle one can, it creates enough energy to run a tv for a few hours.

Help to Lower Waste

Instead of recycling it, it’s estimated that Americans toss out about 3 million tons of aluminum each year. Because aluminum can recycled and reused so much, it is much more cost effective than other metals. The more that aluminum is recycled, the need for manufacturers to produce it will decrease. This will result in less mining of bauxite.

If you have a large amount of aluminum that needs to be recycled, get in touch with a trusted metal scrap recycler like Anestis Metals! We are happy to answer any questions you may have on this process. For more information, please contact us by calling us at 978-681-6000 or by filling out our online form.


While it may seem easier to just throw away any unwanted paper products or cans, if you truly comprehended the benefits of recycling, you may think differently about throwing them out. Instead of tossing your unwanted metal out, check out some important reasons for recycling!

  1. An important reason to recycle is help in preserving resources. Recycling helps to reduce the use of natural resources, but also reduces resources that are used in your home. By recycling more often, you’ll be using less bins and in a small way, you’re also helping out our environment.
  2. One of the biggest aspects that contributes to global warming, is the steady increase in carbon emissions that are released into the air. Recycling helps to reduce these emissions, which will decrease levels of pollution that are floating around. While there has been damaged done to our atmosphere and we can’t undo that, we can prevent future damage by recycling.
  3. By recycling metal, we’re giving the government more opportunities to save money, which can be used to improve different parts of the economy.
  4. By recycling metal, you can end up saving money, which is one the best reasons to do so! If more people recycled metal regularly, it could cause the production of metal items to decrease thus decreasing the price of metal goods like canned goods.

There are plenty more reasons to recycle metal, but there are a few to get you thinking! If you’d like more information on recycling or would like to learn more about our recycling services, please reach out! Anestis Metal can be reached by calling 978-681-8000 or by filling out our online contact form.

Scrapping metal is great for making some extra cash, but did you know scrapping metal also helps the environment? Scrap metal lying in your yard or in the junkyard, can release harmful chemicals and refrigerants into the air, soil, and even into the drinking water supply. By recycling these metal scraps, we keep harmful chemicals at bay and reduce the amount of natural sources depleted by creating new metal. Companies like Anestis Metal, recycle various metals and help the environment in several ways:

Saving Energy

Mining and creating new metal consumes an excessive amount of energy compared to scrapping. By recycling the metal we already have, we save on the energy used. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, steel recycling saves enough energy to power the equivalent of 18 million homes for a year.

Reduce Pollution

Not only does recycling metal reduce the chemicals that seep into the soil, but it also helps reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the air. The heavy machinery used to mine and make the new metal, release far more pollutants than a recycling plant would.

Conserves Natural Resources

When creating new metal, many resources are used up such as ore, water, coal, and limestone. By recycling, we can decrease the amount of natural resources that we deplete from the earth and helping to be less wasteful!

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During the summer, there are many options for scrap but here are some definite items that will be wanted all season!

  • AC Units: With the summer weather here AC units are a must for most! People will start taking out their air conditioner from their winter storage and realize that it’s damaged or want to upgrade to a more energy efficient unit. Look out for discarded AC units on the side of the streets of your neighborhood to take apart and scrap!
  • Poolside items: Pools go hand in hand with the warm summer heat. Home owners are opening up their pools and might find pool equipment that can be scrapped if it’s damaged or if it’s not working properly. Things that are good to scrap and sell to scrapyards are pool motors, pool heater, and aluminum/stainless steel ladders. Ask friends who owns pools for broken or faulty pool equipment.
  • BBQ Grills: Grilling food outside is summer favorite past time! This summer, look around your neighborhood for grills on the side of the road to scrap. You can scrap the top and bottom of a grill since they will be either aluminum or stainless steel, use a magnet to check! They may be bulky but they will be worth a good amount at the scrapyard.
  • Cans: Summer can’t be complete with a cold drink in hand when hanging out with your family and friends outside. Save beer cans or soda cans from your summer parties to scrap them for money! Collect 33 cans in order to make a pound of aluminum which can give you extra cash on the side to throw the next summer get together.

Enjoy having fun in the sun while making extra cash by scraping these hot summer items. Sell your scrap to a reliable scrapyard to get the prices you deserve at Anestis Metal! We buy ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling so call us at 978-681-6000 or use our contact form to get quick cash this summer!

We are here to help you earn extra money by recycling scraped metal. To be on top of your “scrap game” we have come up with a few hacks to help you make easy cash fast!


Key Test: Stainless Steel Vs Aluminum

To figure out if you collected steel or aluminum, use a file or a key to scratch the surface of the material. If the scrap metal scratches easily, it is aluminum while steel will take more effort to scratch. This method might not work all the time with aluminum however the stainless steel will be easy to tell.

Magnetic Broom

Scrap metals outside a lot? Invest in a tool that can sweep the ground and pull out the small metal pieces or screws. This will help you not lose any time or money and this tool will prevent you from popping a tire and recycle more scrap metals.

Warm Wire

The best scrap hack this spring is to strip wires in the sun. This is because the heat from the sun will help make it easier for you to strip the wires more quickly than if it was cool. But be aware that the longer you leave the wires in the sun, the plastic could melt to the wire.

Stainless Steel Sinks

To get a clean price on stainless steel sinks make sure all the rubber and other parts besides the steel is off of the sink. Use a chisel and a hammer to get the steel ring off if your sink has a rubberized bottom to at least get some cash from it. Stainless Steel is one of the hardest items to scrap and get a clean price for so make sure your sinks clean of anything else but the steel material!


With these simple hacks, you can recycle scrap metal quicker! Sell your scrap metal parts to professional and reliable scrapyards like Anestis Metal and get the best price! Call us at 978-681-6000 or use our contact form for any scrap metal inquiries.

An easy and quick solution to make money is by selling just one type of material. You will get paid faster if you have just all aluminum siding or a box full of light iron since once you get to your local scrap yard, you will be able to scale everything all at once and get paid quick and easy. When having multiple items, it will take more of your time to weigh each different item and will take longer for you to get paid. Sort your items ahead of time in your own bins so when you bring it to the scrapyard all your scraps will be organized and ready to be scaled. By being organized and prepared, you will be able to have a quicker process selling and getting paid for your items at your local scrapyard like Anestis Metals. Call Anestis Metals at 978- 681- 6000 to sell your items at the fairest price at our scrap metal recycling business in Lawrence, MA or use our contact form for more inquiries about our service!

Scrap metal prices is comprised of metal type, location, quantity of metal, and current market value for your material. Depending on what you are selling, how much of it you are selling and how much of the material is worth after being refined will determine the price you get paid by the junkyard company.

Scrap Metal Types: There are many different types of scrap metal and are broken down into different categories. Some example of scrap metals that can be sold to a scrapyard are copper, lead, and stainless steel. These types of metal can be further subcategorized into copper wire, lead wheel weighs, or 18-10 grade stainless steel. Keep in mind that the category of your metal will depend on the scrapyard you are taking it to since each scrapyard will have a different opinion of what the material should be categorized under.

Location: Scrap metal prices will usually be higher in locations with the most competition. So rural areas or areas far away from refineries tends not to have better prices offered at places where scrapyards have higher competition and haggle the refineries. Scrap yards that are close to the city or in the city, like Anestis Metal, are ideal places to sell your scrap metal at the best prices!

Quantity & Metal Spot Prices:  The more scrap metal you have, the more you can get paid for it. If you have a bulk of scrap metal you are trying to sell, make sure to check the current spot metal prices beforehand. Current spot metal prices are the prices of newly refined ore and scrap are being sold for. So the more money a refinery can get the metal for, the more money you can sell your scrap metal for. Keep up to date with metal spot prices by checking out Kitco spot prices feed.


These three categories listed above are essentially what determines the scrap metal prices. If you are looking to sell your scrap metal, contact Anestis Metal at 978-681-6000 or use our contact form if you have any questions! With more than 80 years of experience, we specialize in hauling and buying scrap metal to both commercial and residential customers in the Boston area.