Craigslist can be a powerful tool for scrappers! There are multiple ways you can use the platform to find scarp metal. First off, Craigslist is a free online platform where people can post services their offer, goods for sale, free goods, jobs, homes for sale, apartments for rent, etc. etc. Essentially is it an online community and marketplace. The platform has been around for over 10 years now and used by millions of people everyday.

How Can I Use Craigslist for Scraping?

There’s a few ways you can use craigslist to find scrap metal. First off, we recommend browsing the “for free” section. On this section, people post their unwanted goods for free. Many people post old air conditioners, old metal bed frames, and other types of old furniture. This is an easy way to score free goods that can be scrapped.

Even better, some times independent contractors will post that they are trying to get rid of waste from a job site. They know there is valuable scrap there, but they will add in their other materials they need to get rid of. This is a win-win for both sides. You get free scrap metal, and the contractor doesn’t have to spend time and money to haul away waste from their job.

Lastly, you can post an ad in the services section of craigslist. Here you can target homeowners and contractors. Letting them know you are willing to come take their unwanted goods for free if scrap metal is included.

Final Thoughts

Its important to remember you will have plenty of competition when you are using craigslist. If you want to successfully use the platform to make extra money you should check it frequently. Be polite and professional when you meet up with people as well. You never know who they could refer you too for your next free scrap haul!


With news of earthquakes in Alaska, Hurricanes happening at an alarming rate, and other natural disasters, we have been curious as to how this affects scrap metal markets across the world. Particularity, how this affects scrap metal markets in the U.S. When there is an onslaught of damage to homes, businesses, and properties, one would assume that there would be an excess of scrap metal on the market.

Insurance companies have to pay out multiple millions of dollars in insurance policies, typically they salvage as much as they can from their insured properties to recoup as much money as possible. This would play into the train of thought that natural disasters would lead to an excess of scrap metal on the market.

A Different Reality

The fact is, after a natural disaster, there is actually a shortage of scrap metal, and prices can go up as demand rises. It is very difficult to collect scrap metal after a natural disaster. First, roads and streets are often unpassable. Secondly, the scrap metal can be often mixed in with other goods, such as wood, trees, and debris. The logistics of retrieving this scrap metal make it often too much of a challenge to seperate from the other materials.

Lastly, as the rebuilding process begins, demand for scrap metal skyrockets. Combine all these factors together and you can see that after natural disasters, the scrap metal market is actually in need for more raw materials.

At Anestis Metal in Lawrence, Massachusetts we love working with our individual customers who scrap metal for some extra income during the year. Weather you are a novice to the scrap metal industry, or a seasoned scraper who makes a trip a week, there is also some extra money to make. And don’t forget, we pay cash in hand for scrap metal. So what are you going to do with your extra coin once you visit our location on Medford Street in Lawrence? Here’s what a few seasoned scrapers do:

Save for a vacation:  One of the most popular ways to use your extra money from scraping is to save up for a vacation. We see customers save up throughout the year and treat themselves to an epic vacation. In New England, its a perfect way to escape brutal winters.

Pay off debt:  Let’s be honest. Most of us have some type of debt that we carry around. Weather its consumer credit card debt, student loans, or a mortgage. A great way to get ahead of your debt payments is to take the extra money you receive from scrap metal and  and pay off your debts.

Save for the Holidays:  It seems like every year Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive before we know it. The stress of purchasing gifts for family and friends can be overwhelming. By taking your extra cash from scrap metal and putting away for the end of the year, you can treat your family and friends to stress free gifts!

Special Events: Want to take someone special to the Red Sox game later this summer? Maybe save up for tickets to the Patriots home opener or the next big concert at Fenway? Use your money from scrap metaling to treat yourself!

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Metal, is a valuable community in the worlds economy. It is used to produce various goods which are sold on the the open market. By having access to these metals at cheaper costs, companies can produce goods at lower costs to them, thus making more of a profit. Enter in scrap metal yards.

Who Comes To Scrap Metal Yards?

Contractors such as plumbers, roofers, & electricians are some of the biggest customers at scrap yards because of the nature of their jobs. They are constantly encountering scrap metal such as copper, aluminum, silver & more in their day to day job. Why not make a quick buck off it? There are also large companies that will hire scrap yards to take large, industrial amounts of scrap away from their properties. Of course, there is also amateur and professional scrap metal-ers who make a living off of collecting scrap metal from individuals and businesses and bringing it to scrap yards for cash.

What Does The Scrap Yard Do?

Individuals don’t process the technology to process large amounts of scrap metal. Scrap yards take in and weigh the scrap from their customers. Scrap yards must take away all the materials that aren’t recyclable scrap from the salvage customers bring in.  Some scrap yards will break down the metal all the way to its most basic form via heat, others will sell out raw metal materials to other recyling plants, or to other countries as a whole, depending on the supply and demand of various metals.

The global metal commodities industry is huge, and if you keep an eye out scrap around you, you can make a buck too!

At Anestis Scrap Metal, we offer dumpster rentals to individuals, businesses, or organizations, who are in need of them. This could be for large construction projects, home renovations, or even just the complete removal of large amounts of scrap metals that you have had in back-stock for a long time. But why rent at dumpster when you could get a junk removal company to come and take care of it for you? Below are a few reasons why dumpster rentals are beneficial to you:

Safer Job Site- Having a dumpster on site during your work project makes the site more safe. There is less debris and objects that are laying around, creating a safer space to operate.

Better Compliance- Ensure your company is staying up to date with waste removal compliance laws. Don’t leave anything to chance.

Efficiency- Having a dumpster on site, makes your job site more efficient. Instead of having piles of waste sitting around, you can quickly dispose of them, then have them removed by our trucks. Creating a more efficient work space is a way to stay on time and on budget.

Eco-Friendly- One trip to your waste removal station is better than 10-25 trips you might have to make if you are using regular pick-up trucks to dispose of your waste. Think of the gas money saved and the emissions reduced.

If you,  your business, or organization are looking into renting a dumpster for a junk removal or scrap metal removal project, click here for more information. 

For those individuals or organizations with an excess of copper, it may be a good time to hold off on scraping for the time being. But not for that long! Let us explain.

Prior to October, the global copper market was experiencing a shortage and prices for copper were high. According to recent reports by Scrap Monster, the industry leading reporter of scrap metal news and markets, there is currently a surplus of copper on the market.

These numbers reflect the time of January 2017 through September 2017. In other news, the Nickel market is currently experiencing a deficit. From the same time of January 2017 through September 2017 the global copper market is experiencing a shortage of copper, and demand is higher.

For those curious at home which countries have the highest demand for both copper and nickel, that would be Russia and Chinese, which continue to be some of the largest importers of foreign metal recyclables.

If you aren’t interested in trying to time the copper and nickel markets, Anestis Metals in Lawrence is open for business.  Contact us at 978-681-6000 to inquire about pricing for copper & nickel.

2017 has been a great year those who collect and scrap aluminium metal. There has been a global shortage of aluminum in the market. On top of this, demand has been increasing as well, going up by as much as 1.8 million tons according to Although the deficit has been shrinking, it is still a great time to get into collecting scrap metal as a hobby.

One of the most popular ways to acquire scrap metal is by collecting aluminum soda cans. If your family are large consumers on soda, you might be sitting on a some extra spending money. A fantastic way to teach kids the value of money is to teach them about recycling and scrap metal prices. They can learn math skills and learn a little bit about how economies work (ok this may be a stretch depending on how old they are, but still it could happen).

The best way to collect aluminum cans is to crush them flat once you are finished with them. This way you can store them in bulk until you gather a significant amount of cans that are worth your trip to our scrap yard in Lawrence. We see customers use 50 gallon water chugs as a way to store pounds of cans.

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