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While it may seem easier to just throw away any unwanted paper products or cans, if you truly comprehended the benefits of recycling, you may think differently about throwing them out. Instead of tossing your unwanted metal out, check out some important reasons for recycling!

  1. An important reason to recycle is help in preserving resources. Recycling helps to reduce the use of natural resources, but also reduces resources that are used in your home. By recycling more often, you’ll be using less bins and in a small way, you’re also helping out our environment.
  2. One of the biggest aspects that contributes to global warming, is the steady increase in carbon emissions that are released into the air. Recycling helps to reduce these emissions, which will decrease levels of pollution that are floating around. While there has been damaged done to our atmosphere and we can’t undo that, we can prevent future damage by recycling.
  3. By recycling metal, we’re giving the government more opportunities to save money, which can be used to improve different parts of the economy.
  4. By recycling metal, you can end up saving money, which is one the best reasons to do so! If more people recycled metal regularly, it could cause the production of metal items to decrease thus decreasing the price of metal goods like canned goods.

There are plenty more reasons to recycle metal, but there are a few to get you thinking! If you’d like more information on recycling or would like to learn more about our recycling services, please reach out! Anestis Metal can be reached by calling 978-681-8000 or by filling out our online contact form.


Scrapping metal is great for making some extra cash, but did you know scrapping metal also helps the environment? Scrap metal lying in your yard or in the junkyard, can release harmful chemicals and refrigerants into the air, soil, and even into the drinking water supply. By recycling these metal scraps, we keep harmful chemicals at bay and reduce the amount of natural sources depleted by creating new metal. Companies like Anestis Metal, recycle various metals and help the environment in several ways:

Saving Energy

Mining and creating new metal consumes an excessive amount of energy compared to scrapping. By recycling the metal we already have, we save on the energy used. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, steel recycling saves enough energy to power the equivalent of 18 million homes for a year.

Reduce Pollution

Not only does recycling metal reduce the chemicals that seep into the soil, but it also helps reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the air. The heavy machinery used to mine and make the new metal, release far more pollutants than a recycling plant would.

Conserves Natural Resources

When creating new metal, many resources are used up such as ore, water, coal, and limestone. By recycling, we can decrease the amount of natural resources that we deplete from the earth and helping to be less wasteful!

To learn more about what kinds of metals you can scrap, visit us online or call us at (978) 681-6000 for more information.


During the summer, there are many options for scrap but here are some definite items that will be wanted all season!

  • AC Units: With the summer weather here AC units are a must for most! People will start taking out their air conditioner from their winter storage and realize that it’s damaged or want to upgrade to a more energy efficient unit. Look out for discarded AC units on the side of the streets of your neighborhood to take apart and scrap!
  • Poolside items: Pools go hand in hand with the warm summer heat. Home owners are opening up their pools and might find pool equipment that can be scrapped if it’s damaged or if it’s not working properly. Things that are good to scrap and sell to scrapyards are pool motors, pool heater, and aluminum/stainless steel ladders. Ask friends who owns pools for broken or faulty pool equipment.
  • BBQ Grills: Grilling food outside is summer favorite past time! This summer, look around your neighborhood for grills on the side of the road to scrap. You can scrap the top and bottom of a grill since they will be either aluminum or stainless steel, use a magnet to check! They may be bulky but they will be worth a good amount at the scrapyard.
  • Cans: Summer can’t be complete with a cold drink in hand when hanging out with your family and friends outside. Save beer cans or soda cans from your summer parties to scrap them for money! Collect 33 cans in order to make a pound of aluminum which can give you extra cash on the side to throw the next summer get together.

Enjoy having fun in the sun while making extra cash by scraping these hot summer items. Sell your scrap to a reliable scrapyard to get the prices you deserve at Anestis Metal! We buy ferrous and non-ferrous metal recycling so call us at 978-681-6000 or use our contact form to get quick cash this summer!

Prices for scrap metal has not been doing too well but it looks like it’s finally starting to stabilize. Copper prices has stabilized and has even gone up a few cents. It’s great for the overall market to have stable prices especially after the market has been so unstable. Steel pricing has not changed prices since last month and gold prices has dropped in the last week after the stock market made a solid recovery. The scrap prices for steel and iron are continuing to deplete due to the drop in oil prices. Overall, the market has been all over the place but in the next coming weeks, it will be spring cleanup which will make it easier to find scrap metal materials to sell. Below are recent scrap metal prices to follow up on:

Bare Bright Copper: $1.61-$1.77

Copper Pipe: $1.35-$1.65

Clean Brass: $0.92-$1.02

Insulated Copper: $0.50-$1.30

Aluminum Sheet: $0.22-$0.29

Stainless Steel: $0.22-$0.26

Aluminum Cans: $0.22-$0.32 (Not CRV Pricing)

Light Iron: $25-$48 per ton

If you are interested in selling your scrap metal, contact Anestis Metal at 978-681-6000 or use our contact form for the best prices before it’s too late!

It’s important to always ask questions and take images or videos of the scrap metal product you want to sell. Taking pictures of your scrap metal allows you to see specific details of your scraps, helps you separate your metals, and keeps you organized. Ask your local scrap metal yard if you can take a small tour so you can see different ways to sort and separate your metals. You might see a metal you have but ignored before so snapping a quick picture of the metal will help you remember it later on. Each scrap yard may have specific rules about taking images, so be sure to ask for approval before you take pictures.  A tip to stay organized on your scrapings is to take any needed notes and images. This will help you grow your knowledge and remember any scrap metal in the future.

Some tips when taking images of scrap metal is to try and keep your lens on the camera to protect it. Also, by taking horizontal photos of scrap metal you can get a bigger & more in depth vantage point of the scrap you are looking at. These larger images will show details such as wires and other small metal parts. More information and a larger image will make the entire identifying process easier when scrapping.

If you are looking for a local scrap yard to scrap your metals, contact Anestis Metal at 978-681-6000 or use our contact form to get the best prices for your metals with us today!

To help the future of our generation and the generations to come, recycling is the best action to take. By recycling, you can conserve energy and materials, clean up the environment, reduce garbage in landfills, and make new products from old ones. Here are some reasons as to why you should start recycling today!

Landfills- Try to keep materials out of landfills since the fewer landfills there are, there will be more land left in its natural state. By recycling an old vehicle to a junkyard, your car will be recycled and reused in multiple ways.

Energy- Recycling metals and aluminum takes significantly less energy than it does to produce it. Recycling even a small aluminum can allow one to save enough energy to run a TV for at least three hours. In addition, a lightbulb can be lit for 24 hours with energy saved from each pound of steel recycled. We can reduce the future effects of global warming by saving energy through recycling.

Our Environment- There are many benefits of recycling, it reduces mining, prevents habitat destruction and soil erosion. We can help save our environment by decreasing the need for new materials which can reduce greenhouse gases, air & water pollutant. Recycling can not only help our planet but also our society. This is because recycling helps create the development of greener technologies and new product innovations.

Save More- One of the easiest ways to make an impact for our environment is to recycle your junk car. Every bit of recycling makes a significant difference. To make a better future start recycling your plastic, paper, glass, and metal objects now!

Old Vehicle- You don’t have to let your old vehicle go to waste! Your old junk car can be used in many different ways and you can actually make a profit from this process. Recycling the car parts to a junkyard will get you quick cash and you can invest it in another vehicle that’s eco-friendly or electric. Using public transportation in your area are also a great way to further your environmental efforts.

At Anestis Metals, we pride ourselves in recycling ferrous and nonferrous metals like car parts, cast irons, scrap metals, and appliances.  By working with Anestis Metals you play a part in protecting our environment since 100% of the metal taken in by us is recycled and is either exported or given to foundries and other facilities that melt the materials and make steel products.  Call us at 978-681-6000 or use our contact form to join our green effort!

If one of your New Year Resolutions was to handle your finances a little better, there’s no better place to start, than with Anestis Metal! How? That’s simple, instead of tossing your scrap metal in the trash, recycling it with us! Throwing scrap metal away is the same as throwing money away; we will pay you cash based on the weight and quality of your metal.

So the next time you’re thinking about tossing out an old piece of metal, don’t! Let us help you with your New Year’s Resolution!

Here are some of the metals you can recycle with us:

Whether you’re a contractor, or not, you have more metal lying around your home than you will ever realize! Capitalize on this chance to cash in on one of your New Year’s Resolution!

For more information about our recycling services, or questions on prices, please feel free to give Anestis Metals a call at 617-666-3405.