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Scrapping metal is great for making some extra cash, but did you know scrapping metal also helps the environment? Scrap metal lying in your yard or in the junkyard, can release harmful chemicals and refrigerants into the air, soil, and even into the drinking water supply. By recycling these metal scraps, we keep harmful chemicals at bay and reduce the amount of natural sources depleted by creating new metal. Companies like Anestis Metal, recycle various metals and help the environment in several ways:

Saving Energy

Mining and creating new metal consumes an excessive amount of energy compared to scrapping. By recycling the metal we already have, we save on the energy used. According to the Steel Recycling Institute, steel recycling saves enough energy to power the equivalent of 18 million homes for a year.

Reduce Pollution

Not only does recycling metal reduce the chemicals that seep into the soil, but it also helps reduce the amount of pollution that goes into the air. The heavy machinery used to mine and make the new metal, release far more pollutants than a recycling plant would.

Conserves Natural Resources

When creating new metal, many resources are used up such as ore, water, coal, and limestone. By recycling, we can decrease the amount of natural resources that we deplete from the earth and helping to be less wasteful!

To learn more about what kinds of metals you can scrap, visit us online or call us at (978) 681-6000 for more information.



If you are looking for items to scrap, aluminum baseball bats are a great item! Here are some tips on how to get the most out of your baseball bat when you are trying to scrap it.

Remove Rubber & Plastic- To get the best prices for your baseball or softball bat, completely remove the heavy rubber or plastic that is around the handle. Also there might be plastic around the top so make sure to cut out the plastic and clean the aluminum since any contaminants on the bat will reduce the price of the scrap profit you worked hard on.

Cut Bat Open– Sometimes you can find foam on the inside of your bat so make sure to cut the bat open to check. You can open up the baseball bat with a sawzall to see if it’s empty and if it isn’t remove the foam in order to get a cleaner aluminum price from your local scrapyard company.

Recycling Aluminum- Scrap yards will offer a cleaner price for the metal if the baseball bats are without any contaminants on it and it will be easier for them to recycle. Also remember that there are other sports metal materials that can be scrapped so be sure to research about them and touch base with a local scrap yard if you have any questions about certain metals.

If you are looking to scrap your baseball or softball bats for some extra money, come to Anestis Metals or call us at 978-681-6000 and we can offer you the best price for your aluminum metals!

To help the future of our generation and the generations to come, recycling is the best action to take. By recycling, you can conserve energy and materials, clean up the environment, reduce garbage in landfills, and make new products from old ones. Here are some reasons as to why you should start recycling today!

Landfills- Try to keep materials out of landfills since the fewer landfills there are, there will be more land left in its natural state. By recycling an old vehicle to a junkyard, your car will be recycled and reused in multiple ways.

Energy- Recycling metals and aluminum takes significantly less energy than it does to produce it. Recycling even a small aluminum can allow one to save enough energy to run a TV for at least three hours. In addition, a lightbulb can be lit for 24 hours with energy saved from each pound of steel recycled. We can reduce the future effects of global warming by saving energy through recycling.

Our Environment- There are many benefits of recycling, it reduces mining, prevents habitat destruction and soil erosion. We can help save our environment by decreasing the need for new materials which can reduce greenhouse gases, air & water pollutant. Recycling can not only help our planet but also our society. This is because recycling helps create the development of greener technologies and new product innovations.

Save More- One of the easiest ways to make an impact for our environment is to recycle your junk car. Every bit of recycling makes a significant difference. To make a better future start recycling your plastic, paper, glass, and metal objects now!

Old Vehicle- You don’t have to let your old vehicle go to waste! Your old junk car can be used in many different ways and you can actually make a profit from this process. Recycling the car parts to a junkyard will get you quick cash and you can invest it in another vehicle that’s eco-friendly or electric. Using public transportation in your area are also a great way to further your environmental efforts.

At Anestis Metals, we pride ourselves in recycling ferrous and nonferrous metals like car parts, cast irons, scrap metals, and appliances.  By working with Anestis Metals you play a part in protecting our environment since 100% of the metal taken in by us is recycled and is either exported or given to foundries and other facilities that melt the materials and make steel products.  Call us at 978-681-6000 or use our contact form to join our green effort!

Yes, it is very true that a lot of our clients who sell their scrap metal to us are contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other handymen; however, you don’t have to be a contractor to sell your scrap metal to us!! Your home is filled with many items that are made out of precious metal that we will pay cash for!

What kind of items are these? The most common household items include car, car parts, and major appliances!

If you’re looking to purchase a new refrigerator, or any other kind of appliance, what are you going to do with your old one? Don’t just throw it out; that’s like throwing away money. Instead, bring it to our scrap metal yard and we will pay cash in exchange for your unwanted old piece of appliance.

If the appliance is too big to fit in your vehicle, we can set up a pick up time! We have a big truck, just for occasions like transporting appliances.

Also, car parts are a great source of scrap metal; if you have a junk car that you no longer need or use, you can sell its parts to us! Depending on the condition of each part and the weight, we will pay straight cash. Instead of junking your car, you might think about selling it to Anestis Metal!

There are so many items within your home that are made out of special metal, like aluminum and iron, that can easily be sold and recycled at our scrap metal yard.

For more information about our scrap metal recycling services, please give Anestis metals a call at 617-666-3405. We are looking forward to paying you cash in exchange for your unwanted scrap metal.

Also, just a quick side note, recycling metal helps to improve the environment, just as recycling paper, bottles and cans are! So just think, you get paid (CASH!!) to recycling your unwanted metal, and to help improve the environment!

For many of our blogs, here at Anestis Metals, we have discussed recycling ferrous, and nonferrous metals; but we have never really elaborated on the different items we accept at our scrap metal yard!

Often times we see people overlook items that could easily be brought to our scrap metal yard in Somerville MA, and be recycled for the better of the internment; in case you didn’t know this, in exchange for your metals, we give you CASH!

Whether you’re a contractor, work at an industrial site, or if you’re just cleaning out junk out of your garage, there are so many objects that you can get rid of through our recycling services!

Some items that we recycle, that you wouldn’t quite recognize right away include: aluminum windows, car parts, car batteries, tire rims, old copper tubing, and so much more!

For more information on some of the items we sell, click here! We are looking forward to making the environment a better place, while paying you for your unwanted metals!

Here at Anestis Metal, we recycle a variety of metals, whether they are ferrous, non-ferrous, car parts, or appliances; you name it we will recycle it!

We buy these metals from electricians, plumbers, construction workers, architects etc. But you don’t have to be a tradesmen to sell metal to us! We accept metal from anybody and everybody!

Did you know that recycling metal can both put cash in you pocket, and help the environment? Recycling metal is just like recycling paper and plastic, you can use it to make other items, you’re helping the environment, and you’re getting paid to do it!

If you have any questions about the types of metal we recycle, please feel free to give us a call at 617-666-3405.  We are looking forward to taking your unwanted metal off of your hands, and paying your straight cash! Come on down to Somerville MA, with your unwanted metal today!

Nine times out of ten, when you’re done with a kitchen appliance you throw it out on the curb, where it is picked up by the garbage truck. From there it is shipped off to a landfill where it rots, rusts, and expels harmful waste into the environment. Because appliances aren’t biodegradable, they just sit and rot. If only there was another way to get rid of appliances! Wait, there is! Here at Anestis Metals we recycle large appliances like stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washers, and dryers.

Many of these appliances, microwaves, dishwashers, and air conditioners can also be added to the list, when they stop working can be used as scrap metal. If you have an appliance that doesn’t work anymore, or you have no use for them, stop on by our scrap metal yard in Somerville MA. We would be more than happy to buy your unwanted appliances from you, and recycle them ourselves. Recycling these appliances will put cash in your pockets, and it helps make the environment a little bit better.

Here at Anestis Metals, we will pay cash for your unwanted scrap metal. We recycle everything from metal, iron, copper, car parts, and like mentioned above, appliances. If you feel that you have too much metal, and you can’t fit it in your vehicle, we have a truck service that will haul over your metal to our yard!

If you have any questions, of if you’re interested in our scrap metal recycling services; please feel free to give us a call at 617-666-3405. We are looking forward to paying you cash for your metal, and making the environment a cleaner place!