Aluminum is one of the most common metals found in the state of Massachusetts. Between pots and pans or cans of soda, it’s virtually impossible not to make contact with aluminum every day. Because it is so common, aluminum is one of the most recycled metals in the US. However, the EPA has stated that only about 50% of cans sold are being recycled.

Until 1886, the process of making aluminum was difficult and expensive. When a cheaper way to create aluminum was discovered, using aluminum became much more popular. This made it beneficial when it came to production, but the process releases a fair amount of carbon dioxide into the air.

Decreasing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The good news is that recycling aluminum only releases a portion of carbon dioxide. This is a much lower number compared to the amount when creating it from scratch. Not only will recycling aluminum make you some money, but it will save energy and decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

Help to Save Energy

Most processes of creating aluminum require the use of a lot of energy. The Aluminum Association states that if you recycle one can, it creates enough energy to run a tv for a few hours.

Help to Lower Waste

Instead of recycling it, it’s estimated that Americans toss out about 3 million tons of aluminum each year. Because aluminum can recycled and reused so much, it is much more cost effective than other metals. The more that aluminum is recycled, the need for manufacturers to produce it will decrease. This will result in less mining of bauxite.

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