For those individuals or organizations with an excess of copper, it may be a good time to hold off on scraping for the time being. But not for that long! Let us explain.

Prior to October, the global copper market was experiencing a shortage and prices for copper were high. According to recent reports by Scrap Monster, the industry leading reporter of scrap metal news and markets, there is currently a surplus of copper on the market.

These numbers reflect the time of January 2017 through September 2017. In other news, the Nickel market is currently experiencing a deficit. From the same time of January 2017 through September 2017 the global copper market is experiencing a shortage of copper, and demand is higher.

For those curious at home which countries have the highest demand for both copper and nickel, that would be Russia and Chinese, which continue to be some of the largest importers of foreign metal recyclables.

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2017 has been a great year those who collect and scrap aluminium metal. There has been a global shortage of aluminum in the market. On top of this, demand has been increasing as well, going up by as much as 1.8 million tons according to Although the deficit has been shrinking, it is still a great time to get into collecting scrap metal as a hobby.

One of the most popular ways to acquire scrap metal is by collecting aluminum soda cans. If your family are large consumers on soda, you might be sitting on a some extra spending money. A fantastic way to teach kids the value of money is to teach them about recycling and scrap metal prices. They can learn math skills and learn a little bit about how economies work (ok this may be a stretch depending on how old they are, but still it could happen).

The best way to collect aluminum cans is to crush them flat once you are finished with them. This way you can store them in bulk until you gather a significant amount of cans that are worth your trip to our scrap yard in Lawrence. We see customers use 50 gallon water chugs as a way to store pounds of cans.

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Like many commodities, the prices of scrap metal vary, week to week, month to month, and year to year. They can sometime seem impossible to guess if the price will be up or done compared to the previous period. But how to scrap yards determine scrap prices? You’ve guess it, there are a few different answers.

The Market

The Market we are talking about here is the Comex Copper Price Market. Just like the stock market, the Comex Copper Price Market is where copper contracts are traded and sold each day. There is also the LME or London Metal Exchange, which is the largest metal and commodities trading site.

The World

The world economy also plays a role in the prices for scrap metal. When other markets, such as China and India are consuming products and building out their infrastructure, the demand goes up for the metal and iron. Thus, you could expect a raise in the price of your scrap metal.

Supply & Demand

In economics 101 you probably learned of supply & demand. You can denounce that supply and demand obviously plays a factor in scrap metal pricing. Too little scrap metal on the market? The price is higher. An influx of scrap metal on the market? You can expect the prices for your scrap to be lower.

Does Oil Prices Affect Scrap Metal Prices?

Like many markets, there are many outside factors that can affect the pricing of another market. This is true in the metal scraping and recycling industry as well. Demand is always a driving factor for the price of anything in any market, but there are always tens or hundreds of factors that influence pricing as well. When it comes to scrap metal pricing, oil pricing does play a role in prices.

Why Do Oil Prices Affect Scrap Metal Prices

Oil affects so many things for so many reasons. Think about it, if it is more expensive to run machines because of the oil prices being so high, then the overhead will affect the price of the new production of metals and thus drive the prices up. But when the pricing of oil is low for such a long time the reverse affect will begin to take place.

If oil prices are so low it will affect the overhead, driving those prices lower, and then from there the scrap prices will start to take an affect. There will generally be a bit of a hangover affect because some of the materials that are needed will need to fill higher priced orders, but the overall picture will make sense because of the scrap prices.

For those who scrap metal often, they may try to figure out all the factors that influence pricing. Using oil prices to do so is not always the best idea. In the last 10-15 years the markets have changed so much. And because of other factors, its hard to directly correlate the price of oil to the price of scrap metal.

old carFor Lawrence drivers that have an old vehicle that is just sitting in their driveway or garage, the thought of junking it has probably crossed your mind. If you’ve had this thought, there are various benefits of getting rid of your old car that you might not be aware of. Anestis Metals has put together a few advantages to help with your decision of junking your old car!

  • Cars that don’t run properly and are just sitting in your garage or driveway are essentially just paperweights that are taking up space at this point. This space can be used to store items that you actually use on an everyday basis.
  • If you decide to junk your unused car, most places will give you a cash payment the same day that you bring it in! This can be put towards a new car, maybe a trip or just save it for a rainy day!
  • One of the biggest benefits of junking your old car is saying goodbye to all of the issues that come with it and the costly maintenance. There’s no point in spending money on repairs or insurance if it’s not running and just sitting at your home.

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Aluminum is one of the most common metals found in the state of Massachusetts. Between pots and pans or cans of soda, it’s virtually impossible not to make contact with aluminum every day. Because it is so common, aluminum is one of the most recycled metals in the US. However, the EPA has stated that only about 50% of cans sold are being recycled.

Until 1886, the process of making aluminum was difficult and expensive. When a cheaper way to create aluminum was discovered, using aluminum became much more popular. This made it beneficial when it came to production, but the process releases a fair amount of carbon dioxide into the air.

Decreasing the Greenhouse Gas Emissions

The good news is that recycling aluminum only releases a portion of carbon dioxide. This is a much lower number compared to the amount when creating it from scratch. Not only will recycling aluminum make you some money, but it will save energy and decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

Help to Save Energy

Most processes of creating aluminum require the use of a lot of energy. The Aluminum Association states that if you recycle one can, it creates enough energy to run a tv for a few hours.

Help to Lower Waste

Instead of recycling it, it’s estimated that Americans toss out about 3 million tons of aluminum each year. Because aluminum can recycled and reused so much, it is much more cost effective than other metals. The more that aluminum is recycled, the need for manufacturers to produce it will decrease. This will result in less mining of bauxite.

If you have a large amount of aluminum that needs to be recycled, get in touch with a trusted metal scrap recycler like Anestis Metals! We are happy to answer any questions you may have on this process. For more information, please contact us by calling us at 978-681-6000 or by filling out our online form.

While it may seem easier to just throw away any unwanted paper products or cans, if you truly comprehended the benefits of recycling, you may think differently about throwing them out. Instead of tossing your unwanted metal out, check out some important reasons for recycling!

  1. An important reason to recycle is help in preserving resources. Recycling helps to reduce the use of natural resources, but also reduces resources that are used in your home. By recycling more often, you’ll be using less bins and in a small way, you’re also helping out our environment.
  2. One of the biggest aspects that contributes to global warming, is the steady increase in carbon emissions that are released into the air. Recycling helps to reduce these emissions, which will decrease levels of pollution that are floating around. While there has been damaged done to our atmosphere and we can’t undo that, we can prevent future damage by recycling.
  3. By recycling metal, we’re giving the government more opportunities to save money, which can be used to improve different parts of the economy.
  4. By recycling metal, you can end up saving money, which is one the best reasons to do so! If more people recycled metal regularly, it could cause the production of metal items to decrease thus decreasing the price of metal goods like canned goods.

There are plenty more reasons to recycle metal, but there are a few to get you thinking! If you’d like more information on recycling or would like to learn more about our recycling services, please reach out! Anestis Metal can be reached by calling 978-681-8000 or by filling out our online contact form.